Saturday, 22 February 2014

30 is the Magic Number

The networking continues...

Given that the club is intended for general gaming - board and card games, RPGs, wargames historical and fantasy/sci-fi - I am conscious that a critical mass of interest is required before committing to concrete plans such as renting a hall, getting boards, crisps and coke, etc. At a very simple level, this is two people with armies for the same game, enough adventurers to make a party or the required numbers for a board game. Obviously someone intending to play D&D, might well play a board game, or join in a wargame, or whatever; but equally I am aware that this is not ideal.

The club has the facebook page, the forum, the twitter account, and each of these media is attracting interest to varying degrees.

The magic number I am looking for is 30. As 30 people expressing interest should in theory offer enough permutations of gaming interests to make a decent fist of the start up.

Not that I'm kidding myself that at the start there won't be the situation Steve from the Overlords described on the recent Independent Characters podcast, of him sitting alone in an empty hall waiting for someone, anyone, to turn up.

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