Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Geeks Together

If there are any gaming clubs or gamers who would like me to link to them on this blog I would be more than happy. Just contact me with you blog, website, forum, Facebook page and I will do the honours.

As it has been a sunny day in Ilkley, I thought it appropriate to post a picture of the foot bridge to Middleton woods.
 I suspect the river was higher today, but no matter.

The invitation to gamers and games clubs in West Yorkshire - and beyond - to send me links for the blog was in part due a conversation with Jon at the Beyond Monopoly website, who has been helping me with some technical issues to do with this site, and also offering advice about starting a gaming club.

One of the things I want for this site, other than being a focus for the club, is to be a resource for gamers in the local area. In modern parlance, a hub. Being somewhat of a niche hobby, it is easy to get involved in active and exciting smaller groups and forget that there are wider pools of gamers. As is evidenced at shows and conventions.

Whatever the reason, it would be nice if groups were to reach out to each other, and in doing so bring new people in to what is a very entertaining and absorbing hobby; whether you are a wargamer, historical or fantasy/sci-fi, a role player, board gamer or card player, of the Magic the Gathering variety perhaps.

At which point it is time for a commercial break - like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, join the forum, tell your friends....

A link back would be nice....

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