Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Insert Slogan Here

And the feedback flows in.

- Check spelling and grammar on the blog - I can't see that happening, but maybe when the club gets going someone will be willing to take over this job to the satisfaction of the pedants.

- Provide contact information in addition to the forum, the blog, the Facebook and now twitter -which I presume means an email, so here it is, ilkleygamersclub@gmail.com

As this whole business is pretty much up in the air at the moment, I had hoped that interested parties would sign up to the forum in order that a discussion would ensue as to the how, where, when and who. But perhaps that was optimistic. And I accept that the forum does look rather uninviting at present, as it is completely devoid of content - and who wants to be the drunken uncle at a wedding by hitting the dance floor first? However, it was only set up yesterday, and I will be adding topics and stuff shortly, specifically to find out what people would want from a club, when would be the best time to meet, venue, etc... unless of course my cunning plan kicks into gear and people interested in starting a club sign up, and start the conversation - even if it is just to arrange games among themselves in the meantime.

For those put off by the approval thing on the forum, it is simply there to stop spam, the same with the comment approval on this blog.

Again, I invite people interested in getting involved, to sign up to the forum, like us on Facebook, email a question (I can't say I will have an answer), leave a comment on the blog, follow us and retweet on Twitter, propagate the links, chat in the pub if need be... though no more moaning about spelling ;)

Let me see, what was some of the other feedback?

Oh yes meta filters and using keywords to catapult us up the search results.

The plan is that this blog will reflect the activity of the club, so that sort of data will generate itself in the long term. For the time being I'll stick with the general: the club is for top table wargaming, historical and non-historical/sci-fi/fantasy, RPGs, board and card games - though maybe not LARPers.

Hopefully that should do for now.

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