Thursday, 20 February 2014

Home Hunting

The hunt for a venue continues.

One of the problems of trying to start a group in a busy town like Ilkley is that many of the best locations have already been hired out. This problem is somewhat compounded by Christchurch building a soft play area in Riddings Hall - which means that while the building work is being done, existing groups will be expanding into the available spaces.

Still, it was only the first exploratory expedition...

Amusingly when I mentioned the group was for wargamers, historical and fantsay/sci-fi, RPGs, board and card games, there was a slight intake of breath and the upward twitch of an eyebrow. Perhaps I should just pitch it as a men's bonding group - which it certainly is not, women gamers are most welcome - but I suspect that it would raise fewer suspicions. Clearly the view that Nerd is the new chic is not so widespread as I was led to believe.


  1. Have you thought about the scout hut on Beanlands Parade by the cemetery.

    Its cheaper than most other places in town.

    1. It's on my list, I've emailed them but there appears to be a problem with the email as I am trapped in an undeliverable loop.

      Thanks for the tip.