Monday, 17 February 2014

The Guantlet

Welcome to the Ilkley Gamers Club blog.

At present this is a bit of a paper exercise to try and drum up enough interest to make a regular gaming club both active and feasible. Therefore I invite gamers in Ilkley and the surrounding areas to get involved and help to make this club happen.

There is a Facebook page and there is now a forum. So people can start interacting with each other, and arrange to play games, while we try and work out the when, where and how of the actual club itself.

At present I have no hard and fast plans for the club, beyond trying to make it exist.

But a couple of things that would be nice, and perhaps raise our profile, would be to try and help the museum in some way. And in October to raise money by taking part in the Extra Life charity event.

This invitation goes out to all gamers; historical, GW, Privateer Press, Mantic, Spartan, Warlord, D&D, euro board gamers, magic the gathering etc, etc, etc, whatever your preference, the aim is to create a club that is fun, friendly, as inclusive as you want it to be, with a positive outlook on gaming. 

So spread the word.

And get involved.

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