Monday, 24 February 2014

A Competition

One of the iconic images of Ilkley is the Cow and Calf rocks that sit high above the town.

For those that don't know the landmark in question here is a picture...
I have been thinking about a logo, as twitter and facebook keep pestering me for a picture. And I guess it would look good on the forum too. So I got to thinking what would be good image that ties together Ilkley, wargames, historical and fantasy/sci-fi, role playing games, board games and card games.

Hence I came up with the Cow and Calf to represent Ilkley, and the brilliant idea of using Photoshop to transpose a dice in place of the calf; maybe with a meeple running away screaming from the tumbling dice.

Unfortunately my technical skills are not up to the challenge of creating this image, nor do I have the requisite software.

So I was hoping that a kind reader would do it for me.


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